The French government is offering a 200€ rebate for the purchase of an electric bike, until the 31st of January 2018 !

As of February 18th 2017, the Minister of the Environment has implemented article D.251-2, which provides a grant to subsidize 20% of the overall price of an electric bike, capped at 200€. The bike must be brand new, unlicensed and cannot use a lead based battery. Following these conditions, the subsidy applies to all bikes sold by GoodTurn Cycles France!

This “ecological bonus,” which has had an enormous success since it was implemented, with thousands of requests each month, demonstrating the power of these vehicles to promote a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle, and benefit overall personal well-being. As part of the “energetic transition” program, introduced by Ségolène Royal, this bonus encourages the use of a durable method of transportation to benefit the environment and French community. Electric bikes provide an opportunity for easy travel, to effortlessly tackle long distances and steep hills, and, consequently, presents a mode of travel that is open to everyone, regardless of age or level, allowing many who thought they were incapable of riding to get back on their bikes. GoodTurn Cycles France is in full support of decree put in place by the state!

This rebate applies to all residents of France over the age of 18!

The subside is available for one bike per person and cannot be accumulated with other public service benefits. To take advantage of this offer, it’s very simple: a reclamation can be made on the internet portal put in place by the Services and PaymentAgency (ASP). Find out more at


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