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About us

GoodTurn Collorado


The GoodTurn Cycle story began when Catherine Clements first rode a Pedego electric bike to the top of Vail Pass in Colorado. At first the high elevation and progressively steep grade made the distance a daunting task, but with the assist of the electric bike, Clements was able to ride to the top confidently. She experienced the outdoors in its unadulterated beauty as mountain faces and cool rivers passed her on either side of her bike. GoodTurn Cycles Denver came to fruition through the marriage of her passion for electric bikes and her desire to help youth facing challenging circumstances in her hometown.

Not too long afterward, when Clements visited a friend in the southwest of France, she recalled the same exhilarating feeling of exploring striking landscapes. She imagined the colorful Pedego bikes alongside the rolling hills, vineyards, and the small bastide towns known to the Dordogne region. After speaking with several French locals about the rising unemployment levels, Clements came face to face with the overwhelming youth unemployment rate in the area. She decided to expand GoodTurn Cycles and open its second location in the Dordogne Department, sharing the vision originally realized at GoodTurn Cycles Denver. 


Our mission

To provide job training to French youth through electric bike shops that encourage an explorative, healthy, and energy-conscious lifestyle.

GoodTurn Cycles France is a nonprofit social enterprise, which is an organization that uses its revenue to benefit the community. In addition to selling electric bikes and providing ebike rentals and tours, we have an apprenticeship program for French youth. Our program provides job training in bike mechanics, financial planning, retail, entrepreneurship and management skills, and customer service to youth facing challenging circumstances. We focus on teaching work skills that are applicable to every future job, such as experience working with others, critical thinking skills, work ethic, customer service catered to a variety of nationalities, and an awareness of the needs of the enterprise. Working with our Pedego electric bikes promotes a meaningful, creative, and exciting employment opportunity.

GoodTurn Cycles originated in Denver, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains. In Denver we work with several nonprofit organizations in order to place at-risk, unemployed youth into our apprenticeship program. GoodTurn Cycle’s founder, Catherine Clements, travelled to the Dordogne region and noticed the high rates of youth unemployment in the southwest French countryside. Because of the need for employment and job experience, Clements expanded GoodTurn Cycles and opened a location in Eymet, France, a frequented but quaint town in the heart of the region. With the area’s rolling countryside, famous wine, and historical towns and chateaux, it is a common summer destination for French, British, Spanish, and Dutch tourists.

In addition to our job training program for French youth, we hope to introduce electric bikes to the area to encourage healthy, explorative, and energy-efficient modes of transportation. With the region’s rolling hills, historic chateaux, and wineries, electric bikes offer an exciting, functional, healthy method of quickly travelling the region, whether the rider be a local or a tourist.



Rent an electric bike works out much cheaper than hiring a car! In addition, all extra expenses are included in the price of the bike rental so you save money on the cost of insurance, parking, and repairs.


Electric bikes are equipped with motors and pedal assistance which can reach 25 hm/h – they are much fast than regular bicycles. Travelling by electric bike often enables you to reach your destination faster than by car, and shortcuts and maintained speed remove all frustration from the journey. Forget traffic jams and parking nightmares!


Whether in the city or the countryside, electric bikes are the perfect way to take in your surroundings and experience a new place. Pedego’s wide range of models are adapted for different terrain so you can choose your bicycle according to the type of excursions you plan on making.


Opting for an electric bike means that you have a total freedom of movement and make spontaneous trips out easy and stress free.


E-bikes consume a fraction of the energy than that a car or another motor vehicle. They are a great eco-friendly alternative to a hire car.


Electric bikes make cycling and exercise a possibility for a much wider range of individuals, and prove to be a fun and efficient way to improve well-being and provide fitness, becoming the key element to a healthy lifestyle.

Electric cycling burns up to 500 calories per hour, demonstrating itself as an easy and effective way to improve health through exercise and endurance. These bikes require pedaling at all times to engage the pedal assist, as well as a throttle system to boost the cyclist. The cyclist can determine how much or how little assistance they need or desire. These bikes make cycling much less daunting and represent the perfect companion to help cyclists control and lose weight, offering a seemingly effortless and enjoyable workout overall working to improve their fitness and self-confidence.

One of the main pillars of Pedego’s mission is to disguise exercise as convenient, effortless and fun through sustained aerobic exercise, shedding light on the magic of these bikes! Although it is frequently believed not to be the case, electric bikes have all the health advantages of regular cycling, but with added benefits and assistance for different individuals of all ages, bodies and capacities.

Cyclists can cycle for longer and cover considerably bigger distances, and at the same time maintain a significant level of exercise, comparable to that of non-electric bikes, all the while being less tiring and restricting in terms of distance and speed. In fact, most electric cyclists find that they cycle more than ever before, going longer, farther and more often!

Numerous studies have emerged over the past few years demonstrating that cycling and electric cycling are powerful tools to improve one’s health, and prove that regular cyclists can feel approximately ten years younger on average. Indeed, this activity lowers cholesterol and reduces blood pressure, working to fight diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, obestity, as well as lowering one’s risk of having cancer. It also strengthens muscles, bones and joints. Furthermore, cycling boosts one’s immune system, and thus improves their immunity.

On top of this, this activity has proven to alleviate mild anxiety and depression through the release of endorphins through exercise, and proves to make people happier.

Our team


Store manager and tutor of both apprentices


Apprentice to the MFR. Very attentive, guide and bicycle mechanic


Apprentice to the MFR. Communications Manager, manages sales, rentals and records.