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Electric Bikes

If you’re not familiar with the emerging e-bike technology or haven’t tried one out yet, it’s difficult to appreciate how amazing electric bikes truly are.

For those who want to conquer hills, go longer distances, or battle stiff head winds “en velo”…but maybe lack the endurance or wherewithal to do so, electric bikes, with their “pedal assist” technology, offer the option of going higher, farther, and faster without the unpleasant or prohibitive pain and strain. You can work as hard as you want to, or hardly at all…the choice is yours!

There are cargo bikes for hauling gear and/or small children, tandem bikes for sharing a ride with someone you love, cruiser bikes if you’re partial to more classic styling, mountain bikes for the sportier set, and folding bikes for tighter spaces and packing up for far-away journeys. Something for everyone, and all the necessary accoutrements!