Why eBikes?

Why Electric Bikes?

Make friends with the road. Recapture the pleasure of feeling the shifting landscape. Travel mindfully. Think of an electric bike as a long term investment in your health, your sanity, and the environment: a non-fuss, sleek machine that responds to its rider’s force and desire for adventure. Think of it as fun.

Electric bikes, a quickly growing mode of transportation, are used for exhilarating joyrides, commuting, sightseeing, and exercising. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, electric bikes are energy efficient vehicles that allow riders to ride long distances at a fast pace. Riders can choose whether they want to use the throttle or pedal assist while riding. When the throttle is engaged, the bike is propelled forward at a consistent speed of 35 kilometers per hour (15 mph), and there is no need for the rider to pedal. With the pedal assist system, the rider must be pedaling in order for the motor to engage. The pedals have torque sensors, which measure the amount of pressure applied to the pedals. This allows the motor to assist the rider proportionally to the speed and force they are applying to the pedals, resulting in an exhilarating, smooth, and reliable assist from the motor. Electric bikes are safe, fun, and effective means of transportation.

With both systems available, riders easily travel long distances and conquer steep hills. Electric bikes are extraordinary vehicles utilized by every age group and every level of rider. Not only do they transport riders from place to place; they enhance the experience. Adventurers take on long stretches of rolling countryside with ease. Cyclists biking for exercise can travel further and test their abilities. Commuters avoid traffic and travel the daunting distance to work with no worry of arriving drenched in sweat. Parents can even tow their kids, bringing the whole family along for the ride. An exhilarating experience, ebikes encourage an energy-efficient, explorative, and present lifestyle.