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Eymet and Monteton: a Spectacular Afternoon

GoodTurn Cycles volunteers decided to explore the nearby town, Monteton. On the way, they had to face a steep hill, but with the help of the electric bikes they were able to breeze up to the town without even breaking a sweat! Only a 15 minute ride from Eymet, the small, medieval village provided a perfect spot to enjoy a peaceful picnic. From the top of the hill, volunteers gazed into the valley below, spotting orchards, steeples of surrounding villages, chateaux and, nestled in the distance, Allemans-du-Dropt. The exciting thrill of riding up to such a spectacular view made for a satisfying, well-deserved lunch.  They enjoyed picnic of consisted of a fresh baguette, goat cheese, hummus, tomatoes, strawberries and lettuce, all from the local market! The delicious rosé from the winery down the road reminded them all that they had France (and Pedego electric bikes) to thank for such an incredible experience.

After such a magical experience, GoodTurn volunteers would recommend this quick, exhilarating bike ride to anyone, including those who haven’t ridden in a while! It was easy, fun, and rewarding!!



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