Electric bikes

If you’re unfamiliar with the emerging e-bike technology or haven’t tried one out yet, it’s difficult to appreciate how wonderful electric bicycles really are.

Riding an electric bike is quite different from riding a regular bicycle: every bike is equipped with a battery which can hold up to 10 hours of charge and powers an electric motor, assisting your cycling. In order for the bike to move forward you have to pedal- electric bike are not mopeds!

Electric bikes are ideal for those who are keen to conquer hills, travel greater distance or battle stiff headwinds by bike, whilst perhaps lacking the endurance or physical capability to do so. The pedal assist technology that electric bikes are equipped with offer the possibility of going faster and further without any strain or pain. You can adjust the level of assistance that you require and therefore work as hard as you want to, or hardly at all… the choice is entirely yours!

Pedego offers a wide range of models for each cyclist’s individual needs and requirements. Cargo bikes are great for carrying a heavy load and can easily be fitted with a child seat, tandem bicycles enable you to share your ride with a loved one and mountain bikes are ideal for a sportier cyclist keen to adventure off road. There really is something for everyone!

How to choose my electric bike ?

We strongly advise you to try an electric bicycle before purchasing one, in order to see if you feel comfortable on it. Leave the rest up to us.


The motor is the most important component of an electric bicycle. There are three different types of motors, which are adapted to your individual requirements as they are designed to suit the type of cycling that you intend on doing.

Front motor

  1. Cheapest
  2. Propelling force
  3. May lack power on inclines

Mid drive

  1. Real bike sensation
  2. Top performance
  3. Most expensive

Rear motor

  1. Powerful 
  2. Feeling of being pushed
  3. Easy hill climbing

In our experience, the bicycles equipped with a rear motor offer an excellent balance between price and performance. Unless you’re seeking the sensation of riding a real bicycle or only have a limited budget to work with, rear motors are highly performant and are the most adapted to inclined terrain. The power generated by the front motor is largely sufficient for riding on flat terrain. If you’re interested in a more powerful bicycle for riding in the mountains, the central motor is made for you.


A good electric bicycle battery can cost as much as the bicycle itself. Therefore it is key to understand the different features specific to each battery, so that you can make the right choice for you before purchasing one.


The amps refer to the quantity of electricity available in the battery
Higher number of amps = More Power



Volts are used to quantify the speed at which electricity moves
Higher Voltage = More Speed


The power comes from the combination of Amps and Volts
Volts x Amps = Watts

Tips for using the battery

  1. Unplug the battery once it has finished charging
  2. Store the battery at room temperature
  3. Do not use the battery if there is less than 10% left

Take a look at our section on the different types of electric bicycles that we have available as this will play a decisive role in selecting your motor and battery.