If you’ve never been on an electric bike, it’s time to appreciate how incredible they are. Riding an electric bikes is different that riding an ordinary bike : each bike has a battery which can provide 100 km of autonomy and runs the engine and therefore the electric assistance. So to use the ebike, you have to pedal : electric bikes aren’t mopeds !

Electric bikes are ideal for those who want to climb slopes or ride a long distance, without necessarily having the stamina to do so. Electric assistance technology makes it possible to drive faster and longer without much effort.
You can adjust the level of power assistance according to your needs. It’s up to you !

How to choose your electric bike ?

First of all, be aware that the purchase of an electric bike necessarily goes through the test. We strongly advise you to try an electric bike before buying it, to see if you feel comfortable on it. For the rest, we can help you.


The motor is the most important component of an electric bicycle. There are three types of engines according to your needs :

Front motor

  1. Cheapest
  2. Traction feeling
  3. Less power in the climbs


  1. Feelings close to a non-electric bike
  2. Top performance
  3. Often more expensive

Rear motor

  1. Powerful 
  2. Feeling of being pushed from behind
  3. Enjoy in the climbs

From our experience, the rear motor bike is often a very good compromise between performance and price. Unless you are looking for an ordinary bike feel or have a smaller budget, the rear engines are often more suited to the field with climbs.
In the field, the front engine is often enough.
For a very powerful bike to go in the mountains, the central engine is made for you!


A good electric bike battery can cost as much as the entire ebike. It is therefore important to know the characteristics of the battery that we will choose when buying.


The amps refer to the quantity of electricity available in the battery
Higher number of amps = More Power


Volts are used to quantify the speed at which electricity moves
Higher Voltage = More Speed


The power comes from the combination of Amps and Volts
Volts x Amps = Watts

Tips for using the battery

Don’t leave the battery plugged in too long once the charge is finished.
Keep the battery stored in a space at room temperature.
Don’t use the battery if there is less than 10% left.

Take a look at our section “types of electric bikes”, because the choice of model will play a big role in the type of engine and battery you will need.

Types of electric bikes