What are our opening times?

We are open every day in summer from 9am to 5pm and outside of summer from Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm.

What payment methods do we accept?

We take payment via card, cash, cheque and cheque-vacance ANCV.

Are the bikes suitable for children?

We have child seats we can put on our bikes. We also have a cargo bike which you can carry two children on or a tandem bike where the child can pedal from the rear seat – each option depends on the size of the child.

Do you deliver the bikes?

Yes, we can deliver the bikes. There is a cost determined by the number of kilometres.


How long can we rent a bike for?

There is no limit!

Do you have normal non electric bikes?

Yes, we do – for sale and for rental.

What accessories do you offer?

We offer bags, baskets, locks, water bottles, and most importantly – helmets.

Do we have to wear a helmet? Are they free?

Under 12s are legally obliged to wear a helmet, we do however advise everyone to wear a helmet in order to be as safe as possible. Helmets are free.

Do you recommend any particular routes/ circuits?

Yes, we have some maps for you ..

Do you do a discount for groups?

Yes, for 10 or more people, contact us for more info —>


What is the average price of an electric bike?

The price depends on various criteria. Check out our catalogue here or come into the shop and we’ll happily advise you. Prices start from 1300€


Do you sell spare parts?

Yes, we sell spare parts and can do the repairs.

Do you repairs any type of bike?

Yes, we do. If in doubt contact us for more info.

Do you take in old bikes?

Yes, one of our missions is to take in old bikes which are in a bad state and no longer used in order to fix them up. This allows us to offer children’s bikes to those in need and also allows people to purchase adult bikes for very little.

Do you have another question…? Just contact us!