You can rent our bikes by the hour, mid-day or per day from €16. Book online here:


In our rental fleet, you will find the French brand “Arcade Cycles”, in particular, the “Brooklyn” model. Its characteristics are: the motor on the pedals, its front fork for more comfort, and disc brakes for superior braking quality. Also from the Arcade Cycles brand, we have the “E-Colors” in our rental fleet. Front engine, pad brakes and a nice color characterize them.

We have the following bikes available to rent from Arcade cycles and E-Color in various cool colours!

Brooklyn : 26 inches, central motor, suspension fork, size M, battery 13 Ah

E-colors : 26 inches, front motor, size S and M, battery 13 Ah

PEDEGO COMFORT CRUISER/INTERCEPTOR : 26 inches, rear motor, battery 15Ah 48V, size M

PEDEGO TANDEM : 26 inches, rear motor, battery 15Ah 48V

PEDEGO STRETCH : 26 inches, rear motor, battery 15Ah 48V


We also have non-electric bikes to rent:

KONA Gravel available in sizes S /M /L

ARCADE CYCLES Manhattan : 26 inches, size M 

ARCADE CYCLES Cooltech (kids) : 16, 20, 24 inches


On our booking platform, by clicking on the button at the bottom right of your screen. In our store in Eymet:

During your rides, it’s important to always keep in mind certain rules of the Road Code:

  • Keep right when you are on the road
  • When there are several of you, remember to line up.
  • Remember to signal with your arm when you turn.
  • Observe the signs on your way (stop at the STOP signs, give way …)
  • When it gets dark, turn on your lights. On our Pedego brand bikes, the lights can be turned on directly through your screen.
  • Pay attention to the traffic. Electric cars are quiet and can surprise you.
  • Wear a helmet and if possible neon clothing.
  • Do not step onto the sidewalks, this area is reserved for pedestrians.