26 inches – 10/13/17 Ah

battery The E-colors range electric bike is a light and easy to use bike, well suited for people of all sizes and ages. Its great maneuverability makes it a safe and comfortable bike. Its design and its quality equipment make it a model requiring little maintenance, very economical, the use is made to last.


26 or 28 inches – 10/13/17 Ah

battery The models in the Easy range are equipped with a 250W motor in the front wheel and 5 assistance modes. A large central control screen gives you access to all bike settings. Thanks to the integrated USB connection on the screen, you can charge your smartphone and stay connected with your friends. (On order depending on availability).


27.5 inches – 11/14 Ah

battery With its central motor delivering a torque of 80Nm, the XK27i is made to “send”! Telescopic fork, hydraulic disc brakes, integrated battery. Size ranging from S to XL. (On order depending on availability).


27.5 inches – 11/14 Ah

battery Resolutely invigorating, the new E-Street model is the ideal companion for the bike rider! This bike is suitable for both the city and rough terrain. It is the perfect compromise between sport and comfort. (On order depending on availability).


26 inches – 10/13 Ah

They combine an urban and modern design with a central motorization intended for your comfort. Simple, reliable, comfortable and efficient. 65 Nm central motor and mechanical disc brake.


26 inches – 11/14 Ah

This bike is designed and developed for intensive use. It is equipped with a waterproof battery integrated in the frame with side extraction. The mocha is available in 3 versions: front motor/chain, central motor/cardan, front motor/cardan. (On order depending on availability).