There are many types of electric bicycles and each one has a very specific role.

City Commuter |Electric Commuter Bike

Equipped with a straight seat, a guard chain and lights for safe travel in the dark: this model really is the full package and is excellently suited for urban travel.

Comfort Cruiser |Electric Comfort Bike

The Cruiser is built for comfort. Kitted out with wide handlebars, a comfortable seat and balloon tyres, you couldn’t imagine more pleasant cycling if you tried.

Ridge Rider |Electric Mountain Bike

Designed for riding on steep and rocky trails, the Ridge Rider is built with wide and flat handlebars, large grip tyres, powerful disk brakes and front and rear wheel suspensions which enable safe adventuring.

Stretch |Electric Cargo Bike

This model is a cargo bike designed and built for carrying loads. There are additional pieces that can be fixed to the bicycle in order to facilitate the transportation of items such as a metal basket, a platform and a box.

Latch |Electric Folding bike

This model is foldable and is easy to pack up and transport. Equipped with slightly smaller tyres and a hinge in the centre of the frame, you can fold or unfold your bike in all about 30 seconds and take it with you wherever you go!

Boomerang |Low Step Electric Bike

The Boomerang is the most accessible model. Thanks to the low step design mounting and dismounting has never been so easy!

Trail tracker |Electric Fat Tyre Bike

The Trail Tracker’s large tyres are perfect for adventuring off-road, even on softer terrain such as snow or sand!

Tandem |Electric Tandem Bike

The only electric bicycle designed for two people in the world. Why ride alone when you can ride together?