Eymet – Rentals and Tours

Our rental and tour shop is located in Eymet, France. Nestled against the Dropt River, Eymet is a bustling bastide town an hour east of Bordeaux in the Dordogne countryside. Home to both French citizens and British ex-pats, Eymet has a variety of restaurants and bars complimented by a lively atmosphere. Its location provides easy access to the small roads that link the picturesque medieval towns, chateaux, and wineries that encompass the beauty of the French countryside. We enjoy the perfect location to launch a tour “en velo” to discover all the natural beauty that makes this such a singularly special place.

Allemans du Dropt — Retail only

Our retail shop is located in Allemans du Dropt, a small town situated fifteen minutes by car from Eymet. Surrounded by plum and walnut orchards, meandering rivers, and sunflower fields, Allemans du Dropt is a quiet, peaceful town that sits along the Dropt river. With the local cafe and bar next door to our retail store, come and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with us and experience our widespread collection of Pedego electric bikes. Contact us to schedule a test ride.

The Region


Considered the wine capital of the world, the Bordeaux and Dordogne regions are home to lush countryside, historic chateaux, and medieval villages known for their rich food and weekly markets. Stretches between towns are scattered with vineyards, plum orchards, traditional stone homes, and wildflowers. Fields of poppies and pastel shutters accompany our intimate bike routes. With an abundance of small and winding roads, the best way to see the region is by electric bike.

Electric bikes allow riders to venture into the wine region and experience the stunning beauty of the area. On an eBike, riders can feel the wind on their face, smell the blooming flowers, and taste the air. With the electric assist, riders easily ride from town to town up daunting steeps, stopping to attend wine tastings from prestigious wineries and touring historic chateaux along the way. Riders can lock up their bikes and explore the town markets, finding fresh produce, baguettes, and local cheese that nicely fit into provided panniers. Enjoy a grand créme in the town square before leaving for the next destination. Later, riders can stop and enjoy a French picnic in a shaded park. Electric bikes allow for a more present method of traveling through the area, providing both a mindful and pleasant experience while also functioning as an effective way to travel from winery to winery and from town to town.