The GoodTurn Cycle story began when Catherine Clements first rode a Pedego electric bike to the top of Vail Pass in Colorado. At first the high elevation and progressively steep grade made the distance a daunting task, but with the assist of the electric bike, Clements was able to ride to the top confidently. She experienced the outdoors in its unadulterated beauty as mountain faces and cool rivers passed her on either side of her bike. GoodTurn Cycles Denver came to fruition through the marriage of her passion for electric bikes and her desire to help youth facing challenging circumstances in her hometown.

Not too long afterward, when Clements visited a friend in the southwest of France, she recalled the same exhilarating feeling of exploring striking landscapes. She imagined the colorful Pedego bikes alongside the rolling hills, vineyards, and the small bastide towns known to the Dordogne region. After speaking with several French locals about the rising unemployment levels, Clements came face to face with the overwhelming youth unemployment rate in the area. She decided to expand GoodTurn Cycles and open its second location in the Dordogne Department, sharing the vision originally realized at GoodTurn Cycles Denver.