Electric bikes, representing “Slow Tourism” are a greener alternative for getting around, they can be used for daily or occasional trips, sightseeing, or as a sports tool.

These energy-efficient bikes are powered by lithium-ion batteries that allow the rider to travel long distances at a fast pace. The bikes are equipped with a battery allowing a range of 50 to 100 km, depending on the profile of the outing. Our Arcade Brooklyn bikes have a motor in the crankset that measures the amount of pressure applied to the pedals throughout the ride, then allows the motor to assist the rider proportionally. This thus presents a smooth and reliable assistance of the motor.

We also have bikes with the motors located in the front wheel or the rear wheel. These bikes provide a feeling of traction or propulsion depending on where the engine is located. 5 levels of assistance allow you to manage the power delivered by the motor.

With these two systems available, riders can move easily and cover long distances or climb steep hills. These bikes are vehicles that can be used by everyone, regardless of their age or level. Not only are these bikes used to transport cyclists from one place to another, but they also allow you to experience cycling in a different light.

An e-bike can help bridge the imbalance between riders, allowing individuals to ride at the same speed. Friends and families can cycle again together, regardless of their physical ability or age. Cycling is a great way to spend time with friends or family and the electric bike allows you to share that time! And in addition, it encourages a healthier and thrifty lifestyle.

If you’ve never ridden an electric bike, it’s time to appreciate how amazing they are. Riding an electric bike is different from riding a traditional bike!