We collaborate with the French Pôle Emploi (French Unemployment Agency) and by referrel in order to place unemployed individuals into our apprenticeship program. Through our three to six month seasonal program, we teach our apprentices how to assemble, tune, and fix both electric and regular bicycles and how to run our rental and tour programs. Additionally, we train our apprentices in retail and customer service, detailing how to cater customer service to a variety of nationalities, from French to British, American, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch. With this, we prepare our apprentices to effectively and respectfully interact with a variety of customers from places around the world.

The current unemployment rate for youth in France (ages 15-24) is 23.5%. In the French countryside, the youth unemployment rate is higher still. Many young French citizens are unable to find secure jobs. Our goal is to provide training and to prepare these individuals to confidently apply for gainful employment and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities after graduating our program. Through our apprenticeship program our apprentices gain valuable work experience in the service, retail, and tourism industries. As the exclusive retailer of Pedego electric bikes in the Dordogne, Lot-et-Garonne and Gironde departments, we provide aspiring individuals with job skills and work experience in the growing ebike tourism industry.